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eLINIAs secure hosting gather vital statistics for Pharmabase
eLINIA is pleased to have been selected by the Pharmaceutical services Negotiating  Committee and Crimson to provide secure, managed hosting for the PharmaBase web-based platform.
PharmaBase is a national platform that will inject consistency into the delivery and evaluation of pharmaceutical services.  The value of the platform will be seen at both a micro- and macro-level; making pharmacists' working lives easier, more efficient and more productive; while helping build a national evidence-base to demonstrate the value of enhanced pharmacy services.
PharmaBase will enable tracking and analysis of the effectiveness of commissioned pharmacy services at local and national levels.  This will be invaluable in building a case for the swift development of the pharmacy's role within primary healthcare provision. PharmaBase will not only help demonstrate the effectiveness of services; it will, in itself, make services more efficient.  It will reduce complications and inconsistent delivery by standardising software support for the pharmacy workforce.  It will streamline invoicing and payment processes.  Finally, it will support the delivery of quality services by providing prompts and links to respected sources of clinical knowledge.
eLINIA has been contracted to provide a scalable high-availability hosting service on which PharmaBase will be deployed.  The dual-site solution delivers resilience with the provision of a hot stand-by secondary data centre and an on-demand capacity to redirect web-traffic when necessary. On winning the contract, eLINIA Sales director James Carnie said,
 “I am delighted PSNC and Crimson chose eLINIA as their hosting partner for the PharmaBase application.  We have a strong track record in healthcare platforms due to our absolute focus on data security.  We look forward to supporting Crimson and the PSNC in the rollout of this exciting new web-based tool.”
More information can be found at and